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27 January 2015

Photography plays an important role in packaging design. It helps to convey product’s features and functions to customers in a sophisticated and aesthetic way and possibly create some emotional bond and encourage them to buy. Below are some effective tips that definitely help businesses exploit the effect of artwork that can make packaging impressive, striking, different and as a result, contribute to increased sales.

Techniques and unexpected impact

Never forget that photography gives you the opportunity to exaggerate reality. We are not suggesting this be done in any nefarious manner, but instead to cut to the emotion of product. Exaggerating scale on a package is one of our favorite techniques that allows fly-by shoppers to quickly understand the quality of small product details. Likewise, attention to very small details in wide-angle shots allows the opportunity to subtly show a product’s intended use. Styling, backdrop, light installation, angle shooting… are absolutely not easy at all. We can consider Knorr’s packaging to understand more about the power of photography.


Photography which is for packaging design is much different from for online sale, poster design or any other design items. Many clients complain that they had very nice shots of product which does not fit with packaging design. Photographers may understand that they need to use techniques such as focusing on the product, blurring ambience … but if they don’t work with stylists and professional packaging designers, they can’t know the purpose of pictures. Considering how Somerfield’s designer handle this case. Somerfield is a nationwide supermarket chain in the United Kingdom that wanted to launch a private-label pickle range. Because all pickle brands feature a photo of product, designers at Taxi Studio used one as well, but with a twist.



Creating the rational and emotional connection

Bond once told clients that if they hired the best photographer to take the best picture while designer couldn’t handle it, they did waste both money and effort. Design must tap into both rational mode and emotional mode of thinking to make lasting connections with consumers. Successful packaging design plays both sides of the fence by integrating left-brain strategies with right-brain creative vision when communicate a message and telling the story of the product inside at the same time.

For instance, let see how Miriello Grafico (MG) provided a fresh look for the Mondo Mint. Mondo Mint Digital Music Station, which was designed to raise the bar by offering iPod compatibility along with digital fidelity audio solutions for all music sources, aimed to wide range of music lovers ages 18 to 54. MG conceived the product name Mint with a corresponding identity and the tagline “Fresh Digital Fidelity”, capturing the product’s exceptional audio capabilities. A rich palette of mint-green hues creates a flexible system of visual branding elements. The packaging design plays off the product’s modern industrial attributes by utilizing open and generous spatial relationships between copy and imagery, avoiding clutter. Information is easy to grasp, and a series of icons displays product connectivity. Combined with stock imagery, custom lifestyle photography was shot to breathe life and believability into the product’s functionality. Callouts throughout the packaging guide educate the viewer about the system’s unique features and benefits. Reception of the packaging design has been positive from current and potential distributors, resulting in ten partnerships to date.


Utilizing exclusive photo is an advantage

Last but not least, Bond always remind clients not to use online photo in packaging design. In Vietnam, buying photo online or event hack to buy a cheap one is popular, especially from international page such as,,,… but few people pay attention to the Limited license which clarifies “Shutterstock grants users non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide, perpetual, right to use, modify, and reproduce Images in the limited ways”. The author or the page selling images has the right to sue businesses who violate their rules and copyright law. Then consequence would be immeasurable, especially when your products are well trading on major marketplace.


Bond also made many packaging with illustrations taken and staged in order to convey a clear message and impression that customers are satisfied. If you want to listen experiences and discuss about your own products, please contact us for advice on packaging with the most effective illustration.

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